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Our Story

With an insatiable hunger for style, artistry, and party culture, Beni Wild has transformed unwitting partiers into relentless ravers across the globe.


From the techno capital of Berlin to the underground electronic scene of Barcelona, the vibrant nightlife of Paris, the pulsating beats of Prague, and the iconic clubs of London, Beni Wild has left his mark. He has taken his electrifying sound as far as the tropical paradise of Bali, the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, the beach clubs of Tulum, the thriving dance scene of Sydney, and even the urban cityscape of Luanda.


With every stop, Beni Wild has absorbed the unique vibe and spirit of each international city and shared his passion for electronic music with the world.

And here's the best part:

all the profit generated from your support will go directly towards financing our ultimate goal—a community-owned island in the Mediterranean. Imagine being part of something truly special and exclusive.

Join us now and become part of our wild family.

About Us


We're back on the world's sexiest island to bring you the Ibiza experience you've been waiting for. But that's not all. We're proud to announce the launch of our very own clothing brand, under the Beni Wild name, to help build a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for adventure and mischief.

For the most daring among you, we offer amazing private property on the island, where we can organize a weekend you'll never forget. And why not take it up a notch by chartering Beni's very own yacht?

But the party doesn't end when the clubs close. As the sun rises over the Mediterranean, we host our infamous "Corrupted" after-parties, exclusively for registered guests. Access to these exclusive events is strictly limited, so be sure to register in advance to avoid disappointment.

Contact us for more details.

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