A Life of Corruption...

Scouring the globe for style, artistry and party culture, Beni Wild have corrupted unknowing partiers into relentless ravers: from Berlin to Barcelona, Paris to Prague and Bratislava before jet-setting over to faraway Bali, Rio de Janeiro or even Luanda. Soaking up the unique vibe and spirit of each destination.


We’ve gone and seen it all and now Beni Wild is back on the world’s sexiest island to bring you the Ibiza experience you’ve been waiting for.

We decided to lauch a clothing brand under Beni Wild to allow the rise of our very own community of corrupted people.

For the most adventurous of you, we have amazing property on the island where we can organise your private weekend in Ibiza. On top of it, Beni charter his very own Yacht. Get in touch for details.

Saying this, all the profit generated by your support, all will directly help to finance our very own Island in the Mediterranean. The ultimate achievement for our community. And all who supported us will be given exclusive passport to join us all.

Corrupting people is what we do. Join the party.

©2019 by Beni Wild.