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If you’re reading this you’re about to be corrupted… or already coming back for more.


Scouring the globe for style, artistry and party culture, the Beni Wild experience has corrupted unknowing partiers into relentless ravers: from Berlin to Barcelona, Valparaiso to Rio, Paris to Prague and Bratislava before jet-setting over to faraway Bali, soaking up the unique vibe and spirit of each destination.


We’ve gone and seen it all and now Beni Wild is back on the world’s sexiest island to bring you the Ibiza experience you’ve been waiting for.


Start from the most stylish holiday living spaces in Ibiza to private yacht charters cruised by the man himself – everything is Beni Wild approved, tested and corrupted. You name it, we have it.


Corrupting people is what we do. Join the party.

Ready to be corrupted ?


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